ETF Robotics is a research group situated at the University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering (ETF). The current head of ETF Robotics is prof. Veljko Potkonjak who set the key direction of research work: mathematical modeling of robot dynamics, simulation, and related applications. The developed models resulted in:

  • CAD system for robots;
  • Dynamic analysis of human and humanoid motions in sports;
  • Virtual laboratory for robotics based on full dynamics models (plus advanced visualization);
  • Etc;

Robotics at ETF can be considered as a part of so-called Belgrade School of Robotics, an unofficial institution established by world renowned scientist M. Vukobratovic and gathering Serbian robotic researchers from different institutions. We dare say that the modern Humanoid Robotics was born in Belgrade, starting with the pioneering work of M. Vukobratovic and his associates in Institute M. Pupin in sixties last century. They set the mathematical foundation for dynamically balanced bipedal gait, formulating the famous ZMP (Zero Moment Point) theory. As a result, the world first active exoskeleton (for paraplegics) was developed and built. Later, a number of original results in the field of both industrial and humanoid robotics came out from the research in Serbia.