BRH – Services

Belgrade Robotics Hub (BRH) is informal organization between key stakeholders in robotics established as a partnership between the University of Belgrade institutions, partner companies and organizations.

The BRH members are three leading robotics laboratories at the University of Belgrade (ETF Robotics at School of Electrical Engineering, Center for Robotics at Institute Mihajlo Pupin, and Laboratory for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), partner companies (ABB Serbia, Servoteh, TipTeh, Gimatic and Vision Equipment) and Science Technology Park Belgrade.

BRH mission is to provide companies, students, investors, innovators, policymakers, and the general public with high-quality robotics-related services in education, technology, and business. We aim to make a continuous contribution to robotics innovations, companies’ productivity and competitiveness, opening new opportunities for young engineers in Serbia, and stimulate interaction in the regional robotics community.

BRH vision is to be a focal point, initiator, creator and the biggest support of robotics research, education, and applications in Serbia and wider in the region of South-East Europe.

BRH services:

  • Ecosystem & network:
    • Scouting, brokerage, awareness creation, dissemination, ecosystem building
    • Workshops, seminars to share knowledge and experience
    • Representing interests during meetings & conferences, organizing (country) visits, roadshows
  • Technical services:
    • Joint, pre-competitive R&D, secondment from companies
    • Specific R&D, technology concept development, proof of concept
    • Concept validation, prototyping, small series production
    • Renting equipment, low-rate production, platform technology infrastructure, Lab facilities
    • Certification, product demonstration, product qualification
  • Find investments:
    • Financial engineering, connection to funding sources, investment plans
    • Identification of opportunities, creating consortia, development of proposals
    • Office space and space for experimentation and pilot manufacturing
  • Skills training, education:
    • Specialized courses on ecosystem/technology/business, strategy development on topic education