Student thesis

Student thesis – available

Master thesis – finished

Lukovic Aleksa (Master, 2020) – Application of AI in mobile robotics and autonomous driving

Watch video: MasterThesisAleksaLukovic

Becanovic Filip (Master, 2020) – Human motion analysis using inverse optimal control

Branovic Zorana (Master, 2020) – Velocity and position control of UR5 robot

Medin Marko (Master, 2020) – Web applicationfor localiyation and control of autonomous mobile robots – VIDEO

Markovic Gorana (Master, 2020) – Electro-tactile stimulation as an interface for robot control

Presentation: MasterThesisMarkovicGorana

Kovacevic Petar (Master, 2020) – Human motion analysis using minimal invasive sensors and the optimization approach

Sumarac Jovan (Master, 2020) – Control synthesis of universal industrial UR-5 robot through end-effector force and torque

Bogosavljevic Marija (Master, 2019) – Parameter identification of industrial robot dynamics

Nedeljkovic Nikola (Master, 2019) – Virtual laboratory for robotics: infrastructure of server application

Djukic Janko (Master, 2019) – Virtual laboratory for robotics: software  implementation of network application

Kasic Nikola (Master, 2019) – Realization of industrial robot control in contact and contactless tasks

Cabarkapa Goran (Master, 2019) – Controlling of TurtleBot3 robotic system through Raspberry Pi 3 modul and web interface

Knezevic Milan (Master, 2019) – Development of system for cascade control of robotic joint

Prodanovic Andrija (Master, 2018) – Modelling and control of hyper-redundant underactuated robot

Senicic David (Master, 2018) – Mobile robot SLAM based on ROS

Petrinjac Arsenije (Master, 2018) – Localization and mapping of objects movement through DaNI robotic platform and ultrasonic sensors

Knezevic Nikola (Master, 2018) – Autonomous re-programming of robot demonstrated through palletization process

Knezevic Jovana (Master, 2018) – Control of SCARA configuration robot in contact and contactless tasks

Majstorovic Predrag (Master, 2018) – Examination of different trajectory planning methods influence on operating precision  of industrial robots

Gluscevic Predrag (Master, 2017) – Control and supervision of automated pneumatic feeder

Obradovic Vuk (Master, 2017) – Hardware realization of compliant robotic joint control system

Simeunovic Jelena (Master, 2017) – Demonstration of ABB IRB120 industrial robot operating by using of Robotics Toolbox library

Petrovic Nikola (Master, 2017) – Kinematic parameters estimation of robotic manipulator based on the position of end-effector

Radic Milica  (Master, 2017) – Building the electrical scheme for flexible robotic cell system with two industrial robots

Zivanovic Zoran (Master, 2017) – Using StateFlow machine for visualization and control of automated systems

Lukic Danko (Master, 2017) – Demonstrating 3-DOF industrial robot operating using Robotics toolbox software library

Diploma thesis – finished

Šušnjar Marko (2021) – Autonomous exploaration and mapping using two mobile robots – VIDEO

Vidakovic Nikola (2020) – System for automatic calibration of force/torque sensor for industrial robots – VIDEO

Obrenovic Nikola (2020) – Modeling and control of new generation robot actuators

Jovanovic Dusan (2020) – Simulation and control of hoping for legged robots

Nenadovic Milos (2020) – Navigation and mapping for autonomous mobile robots

Skakun Marko (2020) – End-effector stiffness matric shaping for redundant industrial robots

Vukicevic Jana (2019) – Motion control of industrial robot through wearable sensors

Janic Milica (2019) – Realization of robotic manipulation with integrated vision

Lazarevic Milos (2019) – Realization of flexible robotic system for object manipulation on variable speed conveyor belt

Dejanovic Katarina (2019) – SEA sliding control

Peric Lazar (2018) – Industrial robot’s adaptive gripper with integrated system for computer vision and wireless control

Bogosavljevic Marija (2018) – Controling industrial robotic cell by using PLC

Subotic Petar (2018) – Comparative analysis of methods for trajectory planning of robot actuation

Petrovic Nikola (2018) – Robot mapping and localization -  DaNI robotic platform

Rakic Lazar (2018) – Algorithms for mobile robot motion planning in the presence of obstacles

Medin Marko (2018) – Motion and control planning of FarmBot robot, by using the V-Rep platform

Seselj Veljko (2018) – Controling industrial robot ABB IRB-120 through LabVIEW

Sumarac Jovan (2018) – Motion planning of quadrotor controled by backstepping method in indoor environment

Mitrovic Bogdan (2018) – Recording of human movements with inertial sensors, aiming to generate human-like robotic motion

Brankovic Zorana (2018) – Motion planning of quadrotor controled by LQR method in outdoor environment

Veljovic Milan (2018) – Modeling and control of Ackerman and tricycle mobile robots

Panin Djordje (2018) – Controling Denso BC6577G manipulator with microphone, aiming to determine acustic characteristics of musical instruments

Pejcic Dejan (2018) – Practical realization of assembly using ABB robot

Knezevic Milan (2017) – Controling Denso VS657 industrial robot with LabVIEW

Mitrovic Milan (2017) – Realization of palletizing system with АВВ IRB120 industrial robot

Kasic Nikola (2017) – Comparing industrial robot control methods

Djeric Jelena (2017)- Simulation and optimal planing of FarmBot robot motion, by using V-REP and MATLAB

Nedeljkovic Nikola (2017) – Conventional and modified Denavit-Hartenberg parameters for calculating robot kinematics

Djukic Janko (2017)  – Inverse kinematics of 6-DOF robot

Senicic David (2017) – Using of ROS meta-operative system in constructing of flexible robotic cell

Maric Zagorka (2016) – Kinematics of mobile robots

Knezevic Jovana (2016) – Developing simulation model of  SCARA configuration industrial robot