Virtual laboratory

This page represents entrance to the Virtual Lab. It is currently under construction. For more details about Virtual Laboratory for Robotics and Virtual Laboratory for Hydraulic Control Systems, follow the links:

WATCH VIDEO: Virtual Laboratory for Robotics WATCH VIDEO: Virtual Laboratory for Hydraulic Control Systems

For the detailed textual description of the Virtual Lab project follow the link – Virtual Lab project description.

Virtual Robotics Laboratory application (VRL)

Virtual Laboratory for Robotics application (VLR) gives you opportunity to get in touch with industrial robots on the easy and cheap way. Some of advantages of this approach against working with real robot are low costs, both robot and its environment cannot be damaged, availability for exercises at any time, staff needlessness, then opportunities such as experiments with oversized loads, motor exchange in robotic joints, insight in transmission mechanism and drives, and many others! We saw VLR as really good preparation of students for working in real laboratories for robotics.

Virtual Robotics Laboratory application

You can choose between five different robots, choose drives, choose trajectory and test it by simulation of the mathematical model and 3D animation.